Commercial Conveyancing

This is the procedure by which interests in commercial property are transferred. Many of the procedures and searches conducted in relation to
Commercial Conveyancing at Keith Flower & Co
residential conveyancing are also relevant to commercial conveyancing.
There are however often additional considerations and complications in relation to commercial conveyancing where for example a business may want to purchase land for the purpose of redevelopment. In addition, commercial conveyancing often involves complicated leasehold arrangements which need to take into account the completing interests of different parties to a commercial transaction.

We at Keith Flower & Co have a wealth of experience in relation to commercial property matters including the  following:-

  • Sale and acquisition of unincorporated trading business where leasehold and freehold commercial property is involved;
  • The preparation and completion of commercial leases for both landlords and tenants in relation to all types of commercial property including offices, shops, restaurants, hairdressers, office licences, dental practises and warehouses;
  • Can act for and advise all types of clients from micro business to medium and large limited companies.