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Wills & Will Writing

Although most people appreciate the need to make a will, it is estimated that up to 70% of people in the UK die without making a Will.

It is important to make a Will to ensure that your wishes are met when you have gone.

In many cases a simple Will is all that is required. This can be written quickly and without great expense. Mirror Wills are often made for couples who wish to leave everything to each other and where appropriate, Wills incorporating a Trust can be made in order to provide extra security for your loved ones.

It is also important for unmarried couples to make Wills as they cannot inherit from each other unless a Will has been made. If you have children, you may also appoint Guardians in your will to look after them if you die when they are young.

Whatever your circumstances or requirements, Keith Flower & Company will arrange for your Will to be prepared smoothly and efficiently. We would also recommend that you review your Will on or before the happening of any life changing events such as marriage (which will automatically revoke your Will) or divorce (which can cause various provisions in your Will to fail). In any event, we also recommend that your Will is reviewed at least once in every three years or so to ensure that it is kept up to date and always accurately reflects your wishes.